What about the costs?

100 Euros a year. Straight forward, with no ".99" price tricks.

What Do I Get For My Money?

  • Webspace – 10 GB Cloud Storage Space.
  • Domain included – One de / eu / com / net / org / name / info / at / ch domain name is included.
  • WordPress Installation – The Content Management System WordPress is completely installed for you and immediately ready to use.
  • Newsletter System including Signup System – You got your own e-mail lists.
  • Shop System – Your own Online Shop. No matter if you have thousands of real products or just one virtual.
  • E-mail included – You can create an infinite number of e-mail accounts.
  • Complete data export – At any time. You data belongs to you.

Additionally, you get free training videos (how-to screencasts). Click Here To Watch The Training Videos.

What Kind Of Service Do You Offer?

We offer no webdesign service. You get equipped with all the tools that enable you to create a professional Business Website by yourself.

If you need technical assistance, we are a stone's throw away. But please understand that we won't be able to design your Business Website. Otherwise we'd never be able to offer a Business Website for 100 Euros.

Can I Use My Existing Domain?

Yes you can, with one restriction: The domain must end with a Top Level Domain (TLD) we also support. Exotic TLDs (.cc, .li or similar) can't be used.

Please note, that your old website and your old e-mail account won't be accessible after you transfer an existing domain!

Can I Move My Entire Existing Website To You?

No, this feature is currently unavailable. Our service creates and operates a complete Business Website you can fill with your own contents. If you're seeking something else, please try another provider.

How Does My Homepage Look Like?

There are thousands of ready-to-use templates to choose from. You can change their colors to suit your wishes and upload you own logo.

Or you just keep using our highly adoptable Master-Theme and start right away! Because you get full access to your WordPress content, you're able to install arbitrary themes and plugins.

Can I Use A Different System Than WordPress?

Yes, generally you can install whatever you want. But honestly: What else would you use instead of WordPress?

May I Use My Online Storage For Different Purposes?

It depends. Of course you can operate a normal blog, even if you're not planning to sell something. If you should try to operate a file sharing portal or something similar, it decreases the performance from other Business Websites. For things like these, please use other dedicated services. We go to great lengths to keep our system in good condition, so that all pages and images are transmitted rapidly.

Is The Traffic Unlimited?

Yes, your Business Website can be visited infinitely. We'll never charge you anything extra for high-volume traffic. However, we watch excessive data usage (talking about several GB) and will investigate, what causes those high traffic rates. If necessary we find a solution together, so that other Business Websites won't be affected.

Can I Send An Unlimited Amount Of Newsletter E-mails?

Yes, absolutely. The numbers of your contacts, your campaigns, your mailing lists etc. are not limited in any artificial way. Also the number of allowed outbound e-mails is not limited. However, our mail servers slow down delivery after a certain amount in order to keep the load to other mail servers low. This is a normal behavior—and it is only relevant to you after sending several thousands of e-mails.

Can I Do Anything With My Website?

Basically yes, as long as it honestly benefits humanity. Of course, illegal contents are prohibited, no rip-off websites or dubious promises are tolerated. Nor do we allow any web shops that want to sell any crap no one needs anyway, like small blue pills, fairy dust or magic cure made of air. Spammers are immediately stopped by us and will be blocked permanently. But you're no villain, so everything's fine! ;-)

If you stick to the rules you can do whatever you want. We don't mess with your content and accept no responsibility for it.

What Are The Advantages You Have Over Other WordPress Hosters?

We just love what we're doing! We decided to offer the best product you can dream of. And we intend to do that for very little money. In addition, it should be easy for our customers to create their own website. There is only one simple registration form, and that's it—your website is ready. With no technical know-how, no FTP programs, no expensive web designers. Additionally you have all options: You can instal any arbitrary plugin, even plugins you programmed by yourself. And you can upload any theme, also ones you created by your own. You get all the access, even FTP and MySQL credentials. You're the boss of your site and have all the options in your hand, without compromise.

Another huge advantage is our powerful newsletter system, that's adaptable to your wishes. At other providers you pay dozens of Euros per month solely for sending newsletters. With us, everything is already included, with no hidden extra costs.

What kind of servers are you using?

We use the latest technology in both, servers and infrastructure. Our product is suitable for pro users, who are seeking a fast and reliable hosting provider.
Be warned, now comes some tech-talk.

Our dedicated servers are equipped with at least an eight-core Intel processor and 16 GB RAM. We also apply a performance policy, so every machine hosts a maximum of 50 customers, sometimes even less, depending on the actual traffic load. Availability and fast response times are number one priority. All hosts have a total internet bandwith of more than 1 TBit/s. All critical components are fail-safe, including power supply. Our nodes are located in Germany and are therefore bound to local high-standard security and privacy policies.

What Makes The Newsletter System Special?

Everything you'd expect from a premium system. You can create autoresponders (automatic message), keep your customers sorted in an unlimited number of mailing lists, there's automatic unsubscribe functionality, you can manage your own templates, you can provide various sign-up opportunities to your visitors. Also paid subscribtions are possible. When writing your newsletters, you get real-time information about spam probability of your mailings. And you get a real-time preview too, as you type. You can use images, link to videos and much, much more.

What Is A Domain Name?

The domain name is part of the Internet address of your website. If your address is: http://www.example.com, then your domain name would be example.com . The Top Level Domainis just the last part of your domain name, right after the dot. In our example, com

What Is An Auth-Code?

An Auth Code, also called Auth Info, EPP Key or Domain Key, is a secret code which enables you to transfer your domain name. For each domain, there is a unique code so that anyone who knows this code, can transfer the domain in question immediately to another provider.

To get this auth code, you must request it at your previous provider. Just write an e-mail to your previous provider, asking for the Auth-Code of your specific domain name.

How Long Does It Take Until My Domain Is Reachable?

A domain name registration or transfer completes automatically within a few seconds after payment. In some rare cases, depending on the workload and the need for manual checking, it could take up to several hours, over the weekend also up to three days. After successful registration you will receive an e-mail from us. After receiving the e-mail notification, it can take up to 12, rarely 24 hours, until your new domain name is fully reachable for everyone. During this time, the domain data is loaded into the name servers, which are updated every few hours.

These processes are equal at all registrars. In most cases, everything completes very quickly, and you can use your new domain name within one hour.

Do You Offer An Affiliate Program?

Yes, indeed. You can get information about it on the page Partners / Affiliates.

How can I contact you?

Just drop us an e-mail: s233493@example.com (This e-mail address is invalid because it is protected against spam bots. Please enable JavaScript to see the real address.)